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Address: Illuka küla, Illuka vald, Ida-Virumaa
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Opened Mon - Fri 15:00-20:00
Sat - Sun 10:00-17:00

Prices during summer period starting from 35.00€
Prices during winter period starting from 35.00€
No. of beds 36
No. of tables 60
Partyrooms for 60 persons

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Alutaguse Recreational and Sports Centre description


Alutaguse Adventure Park has 5 adventure tracks with different levels of difficulty. The tracks are 9 meters up in the trees and offer excitement both for children and adults. The adventure starts with a lecture by the instructor, explaining how to use your safety equipment and how to move safely on track.

Tracks are constructed this way that, with every step, you will encounter even more exciting and complex tasks than before. You can try your balance, skills, cleverness and natural courage. Entrance to the adventure park is only for persons taller than 140 cm. We strongly recommend wearing covered shoes.

The adventure track includes a unique 13 m long Tarzan jump where you can experience a 2 meter long free-fall! A good physical shape is not essential. Courage, confidence and willingness are more important than that.

We also have tube tracks which are open both in summer and in winter,; in addition to that you can jump on trampolines, celebrate birthdays, try your balance on slacline and do many other things.


Alutaguse Recreational Sports Centre has room for 36 guests, visitors can choose between double and triple rooms. Rooms are suitable for persons with allergies.

In addition to comfortable rooms we offer a possibility to rent saunas and a room with a fire-place. Prices include delicious breakfast at centre’s cafe.

Camping site for hikers and parking lot for caravans.


Hilly pine forest surrounding the Alutaguse Recreational Sports Centre has several nature tracks which make you enjoy your holiday, nature and sports. Here you can practice running, biking, Nordic walking and skiing. Good natural environment will guarantee that this is the most comfortable practitioners’ skiing track in Estonia.

For swimming we suggest Liivjärv Lake’s beach which is only 2 km from the centre.

Alutaguse Recreational Sports Centre is open all year round. Here you can rent skis, walking poles and roller blades. In addition to practising, this place is also perfect for organizing different competitions. The most well-know event that takes place here is Estolopet’s Alutaguse Marathon.



WiFi, Campings, Trailer park, Air conditioning, Family rooms, Parking (free), Seminar and conference room, Outdoor sitting area, Children's playground, Group menu


Accommodation available, Catering, Cafe, Accommodation, Sauna


Hiking trail, Sightseeing point, Sports field, Activities for children, Disc golf

Fire room

Technical addons:

Other addons: accommodation, parking, sauna

Auditorium Classroom Reception Banquet Diplomat U-shape Area
- - 30 - - - -


Technical addons: pc/laptop, video projector

Other addons: catering, accommodation, parking

Auditorium Classroom Reception Banquet Diplomat U-shape Area
25 - - - - - -


Technical addons: video projector

Other addons: catering, accommodation

Auditorium Classroom Reception Banquet Diplomat U-shape Area
60 - - - - - -

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Alutaguse Recreational and Sports Centre

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