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7 Smart Apps on Smartphone for Smart Travelers 22.10.2014
Oldest hotel in Tallinn renovated 30.05.2014
Our early bird tips for shore excursions in the Baltic Sea capitals! 08.04.2014
Series “World Music Rituals” – Vikings. Ensemble Krauka (Denmark) 03.01.2014
Estonian Air switches to winter schedule 25.10.2013
“Mushrooming” Screening at Danish Film Festival East by Southeast 24.10.2013
18th Christmas Jazz brings New York Voices to Estonia! 24.10.2013
Baroque Evenings of St. Mauritius “HARP – A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE” 22.10.2013
Saaremaa witnessed a record cruise summer 15.10.2013
August was successful for accommodation establishments 15.10.2013
South-African Food Weeks 27.09-11.10.2013 30.09.2013
Estonian Air carried 378 040 passengers in the first eight months of the year 05.09.2013
Towers' Festival - music in the clouds 23.08.2013
In June more tourists stayed in accommodation establishments than a year ago 12.08.2013
A smartphone app shows the ships visiting Port of Tallinn 07.08.2013
Hansa Days in Tartu 17.07.2013
In May more tourists stayed in accommodation establishments than a year ago 10.07.2013
Tallinn Maritime Days invite you to the seaside! 08.07.2013
International Street-Organ Festival 23.05.2013
Songfest Organizers Seek New Ideas for Torch-Carrying Event 21.05.2013
Series Baroque evenings of St. Mauritius “Wonderful Italians” 16.04.2013
Rafting will start on the 19th of April 2013! 16.04.2013
World Circus Day in Tallinn 2013 11.04.2013
5% more tourists stayed in Estonian hotels in February 11.04.2013
Steakhouse Restaurant Liivi became 18 years old 08.04.2013
Estonia files Võru smoke sauna for UNESCO list 27.03.2013
SAS makes travelling easier - introducing SAS Go and SAS Plus 25.03.2013
The number of passengers through the Port of Tallinn harbors hit a record of 8.84 million people 14.01.2013
In November, the number of domestic tourists in accommodation establishments increased the most 14.01.2013
Finnair to add new destinations and frequencies for summer 2013 11.01.2013
A new mobile app will guide you to your Christmas tree 20.12.2012
Christmas Village at the Estonian Open Air Museum 10.12.2012
For the first time a Christmas-themed tour for British cruise tourists includes Tallinn as one of its destinations 27.11.2012
18th November House of the Blackheads BAROKK and PAGANINI 13.11.2012
Nine month record was set in accommodation establishments 09.11.2012
2nd World Drum Festival 8.-10.11.2012 06.11.2012
Series Baroque evenings of St Mauritius 17.10.2012
During the summer months a lot of tourists stayed in accommodation establishments 10.10.2012
Estonian Air to start flights to London City Airport from March 18.09.2012
Baroque evenings of St. Mauritius 22.08.2012
Family day in TV Tower 17.08.2012
Setos Elect King for a Year 09.08.2012
Record number of tourists stayed in accommodation establishments in the 1st half-year 09.08.2012
First hiking trail to cross Estonia completed 09.08.2012
Romantic wine rendez-vous in the heart of The City 13.07.2012
SUMMER ARIA. Synthesis of the Arts 10.7-10.8.2012 20.06.2012
From 14 June three departures per day from Triigi and Sõru port 14.06.2012
In April the number of tourists in accommodation establishments increased 13.06.2012
If you`re expecting more from your summerdays... 08.06.2012
Unforgettable fine dining experience in the sky 31.05.2012


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