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The mission of Vocational Education and Training Centre of Haapsalu is to prepare qualitative labourer and to assure the growth of regional competitivity and sustainable development.
The main activity of Haapsalu Vocational Education Centre is to arrange elementary vocational training. In addition to that it also offers services based on different areas: catering-, accommodation-, and conference service.

In autumn 2008 we started with 720 students, which is the record number of our school and we offer work for 120 persons.

The School has 13 approved curriculums including the simplified curriculum for students with special demands.

Most of the specialities are based on the basic education (cook, accommodation service, construction elaboration, builder, woodworking and computer service). In 3-4 years the student gets the occupational-secondary education from our school. Three specialities (tourism arrangement, accounting and native textile) are based on the secondary education and the studies take place periodically - one week in a month during two years - which is the best for the working people. The adult training courses in our further education department take place all through the year.

Our school has also the consulting centre where it is possible to get advice from the psychologist, the social pedagogue and the career co-ordinator.

The students of Haapsalu Vocational Education Centre have successfully taken part in different professional contests of Estonian Republic. Cooks, waiters, waitresses and accountants have won several prices from different contests. In 2006 we won the second price at Waiter’s Contest which took place in Ireland. At the same time we also take part in different sport contests which are held in our county.

Our schoolhouse is lately renovated and is situated in outskirts of Haapsalu, which is a small summer resort town in Estonia. Besides the schoolhouse we have got two cosy students’ homes, tutorial building lab and modern wood workshop. The school also manages the 18-th century Kurhaus where the summer restaurant is held from May to September and where our students get their first working experiences

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: internet (WiFi), TV/VHS


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Haapsalu Kutsehariduskeskuse Õpilaskodu Majutamine

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