Kipi - Koovi Hiking Centre In Saaremaa


Dirección: Kipi küla, Lümanda vald, Saaremaa
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Precios desde 9.00€
Precios desde 9.00€
Número de camas 76
Número de asientos 30
Salas de fiesta 30

Kipi - Koovi Hiking Centre In Saaremaa descripción

Kipi - Koovi hiking centre in Saaremaa

It is attractive to have a rest and go hiking in the western part of Saaremaa.

We offer you simple, but pleasant housing in small wooden houses in the midst of junipers and pines; tasty food; a swimming beach and interesting hiking paths in gorgeous nature and along the beautiful coastline. Exact hiking maps are available in the hiking centre. You can spend your time on ball-games grounds or dance at the fireside. In wintertime we can put up max 30 people.

Cycling tours take you to the steep banks of Karala peninsula and to the Viidumäe Nature Reserve. Vilsandi National Park is not far from the hiking centre. The exact maps of the cycling tours are available in the hiking centre.

Thanks to a good location the hiking centre is a comfortable stop for bus tours. The hiking centre is situated near the road which connects the most beautiful sightseeing objects of Saaremaa: Sõrve peninsula with Tagamõisa peninsula in Kihelkonna; the steep cliffs of Ninase and Panga.

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WiFi, Tents, Campings, Seminar and conference room, Children's playground


Accommodation available, Catering, Cafe, Accommodation, Sauna


Swimming (in a body of water), Hiking trail, Activities for children



Auditorium Classroom Reception Banquet Diplomat U-shape Area
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Kipi - Koovi Hiking Centre In Saaremaa

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