Toila Therme


Dirección: Toila, Ida-Virumaa
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Toila Therme descripción

Therme were old Roman public bathing places that contained spaces with cold and warm water and bathing pools. Toila Termid is the first of its kind in Estonia.
The interior design of our therme imitates the ancient style: there are tiles on the wall as well the floor, on the ceiling there are reeds mats that by their style leave the impression as if we stayed in time a couple of thousand years ago.
Several different saunas: infrared, steam, aroma and salt sauna…, bubble-bath, warm relaxation benches, log sauna and sunbathing places on the roof…
You have to see it all with your own eye and enjoy all the pleasures yourself.
Toila has been a beloved summer place for over a hundred years – the popularity of this place is rising again, but now already as a place that offers more modern services.

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Toila Therme

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