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Should you feel exhausted and tired of city life, take a chance to get away and spend a wonderful day at the Jõulumäe Recreation Center. It is a scenic place just close by: drive 24 km away from Pärnu along the Riga Road, then turn left at Metsaküla and carry on for about 3 km, you cannot miss it!

The Recreation Center is situated in the northern part of the Tolkuse - Rannametsa bog and dune area, and the Tolkuse bog near Võiste and Uulu is one of the most unique landscapes even beyond the borders of Estonia.

It is the only bog of peripherally oligotrophic development process in the Baltic countries. Heather pads, Iceland and reindeer moss and music have been found in the pinewoods on the dunes. The total of 21 species of surface moss have been found here, not to speak of crowberries, bearberries, cowberries, bilberries, common trientale, common cowwheat, interrupted clu moss, bog whortleberries, etc.

Each year, traditional health days in 10 - 12 sports are arranged at the Jõulumäe Recreation Center. In autumn, 10 - km race in the woods and in winter 30 km Jõulumäe ski race are the most popular events.

Apart from that there is Jõulumäe Dwarf Project with a variety of events and the process of constructing the Dwarfland has been initiated. The World Health Calendar includes Jõulumäe walking and ski events.

The Recreation Center has become a favorite spot for conventions and reunions. Several song festivals of Pärnu County have been held here. Numerous meetings and seminars as well as the functions of the Government of the Republic of Estonia are frequently hosted here.

The territory of the Jõulumäe Recreation Center, which has been developed into a forest park, is about 2.5 square kilometeres. One can enjoy the singing of birds in spring, pick loads of bilberries and cowberries in summer, and every basket will be full of mushrooms in autumn.

When coming from Pärnu along the Riga Road, one will find the Jõulumäe Recreation Center on the left of Metsaküla, and the birthplace of Konstantin Päts, the first Estonian President, on the right.

Anyone can find a suitable way to relax and go in for sports at the Recration Center. Enjoy the company of your family or friends and spend a pleasant weekend or holiday at the Jõulumäe Recreation Center: nice memories of the time together are guaranteed.


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Jõulumäe Recreational Sports Centre

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