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Adresas: Laane küla, Kõpu vald, Viljandimaa
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WWW: www.junsi.ee
Darbo valandos 24H

Kainos nuo 12.00€
Kainos nuo 12.00€
Miegamųjų vietų skaičius 50
Švenčių patalpos 40

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We offer accomodation only in summertime. We have five camping houses to four persons in each. There is DC-drycloset to use and washing is in the sauna. One house for four persons costs 45.- Euros.

Sauna is traditional washing place to estonian. We have sauna for eight persons at once. 8 places to sleep at the second floor. You can order it with or without the camping houses. It costs 16.- Euros per hour or 128.- Euros per night.

Caoneing is very popular in Soomaa Natinal Park. Especially in autumn, becouse of the flood. Back to the past, when there where not roads and cars, was canoe only tranportation. Now we use it just for fun and to see the nature. Canoeing costs 20.- Euros per person.

To get the feeling and the best way how to discover Soomaa is canoeing. Every spring, after the snow melts, comes the flood. Water level will be five meters higher from the normal. So there are long traditions of using canoe in Soomaa. Back then people used it for living, to tranportation, nowadays we use for pleasure and for tourism.

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WiFi, Tents, Campings, Trailer park, Parking (free), Seminar and conference room, Fireplace, Fireplace, Outdoor sitting area


Accommodation available, Accommodation, Sauna


Swimming (in a body of water), Fishing oportunity

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