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Adresas: Herjava, Ridala vald, Läänemaa
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WWW: www.jahimaja.ee
Darbo valandos 24H

Kainos nuo 20.00€
Kainos nuo 20.00€
Miegamųjų vietų skaičius 22
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Käbi Guesthouse is located close to Haapsalu(6 kilometetres). This is a nice silent place where you can have a good rest alone or in a group for a reasonable price away from town and traffic noise.

The guesthouse is set up in an old farmhouse, built in 1904 and renovated in 1994. It's used as a guesthouse since 1997. This is a cozy two storey log house decorated with hunting trophies inside. There is an open hall bar with a big fireplace and 13 rooms for accommodation. The hall may be used for small scale seminars, meetings and catered celebrations. We are able to provide with catering up to 50 persons and accommodate a total of 22 visitors.

Around the house there is a large green grassfield with places for campfires, tents and caravans

There is a great lavvu in our territory. You can make a campfire even in rainy days, seats for 25 persons. If you like to hike, we have a nice hinking trail with a lenght of 1.2km.

We offer three kinds of sauna - a sauna heated with wood, a sauna heated with electricity and a Finnish sauna(heated with smoke). The latter is on the edge of a pond a little walk away from the questhouse.

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WiFi, Tents, Campings, Trailer park, Pets allowed, Parking (free), Seminar and conference room, Fireplace, Outdoor sitting area, Group menu


Accommodation available, Catering, Cafe, Accommodation, Sauna


Hiking trail, Fishing oportunity

Käbi Guest House Speakeasy

Techniniai priedai: internetas, TV/VHS, grafinis projektorius, CD/DVD, TV/VHS

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Auditorium Classroom Reception Banquet Diplomat U-shape Area
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Käbi Guesthouse

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