Kurgjärve Sports Centre


Adresas: Kurgjärve küla, Rõuge vald, Võrumaa
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WWW: www.nommespordiklubi.ee
Darbo valandos Pr - S 8:00-23:00

Kainos nuo 15.00€
Kainos nuo 15.00€
Miegamųjų vietų skaičius 220
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Kurgjärve Sports Centre supažindinimas

We offer accommodation for up to 200 people and we can service events for up to two thousand people with the use of our camping site. We can put up a stage for different events. We have a basketball court with a wooden floor and sand volleyball courts, guests can also use the gym and running tracks. In winter we have 1, 3 and 5 km ski trails and there's an opportunity to organise ski hikes to beautiful places with trails as long as 20 km. We also have a ice rink and you can rent a sauna by the lake, which includes a 50 metre swimming lane. You can also take a boat out on the lake.

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Parking (free), Outdoor sitting area


Accommodation available, Cafe, Accommodation, Sauna


Swimming (in a pool), Gym, Sports field


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Auditorium Classroom Reception Banquet Diplomat U-shape Area
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Kurgjärve Sports Centre

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