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In the centre of Estonia, between the winding Pedja and Kaave rivers, an old and stately house has come to life. This is a hunting manor built in 1888 that used to belong to Count Manteuffel. This could also be called the crown of all hunting manors in Estonia. Kursi hunting mansion has been mentioned in historical records dating back nearly 130 years.

The house incorporates fascinating architectural finds from its granite foundations to the double windows of its “wings” and the dormer windows peering towards the woods. It is distinguished by the unique features of wooden lacework under the eaves and original protruding rafter tails.

We have the pleasure of offering you the rare opportunity of having a holiday and staying in a house where it feels as though time has been standing still for a century or more. We provide delicious dishes in authentically restored halls with a great ambiance: the restaurant “Zum Manteuffel”, the yellow music and conference room, and the exotic Hunting Hall. The abundant glass paintings on walls, doors and windows were made by Albert Gulk while living in the manor. Albert Gulk is one of the most talented and original modern painters in Estonia, belonging to the group of artists named Kursi Koolkond.

Come and enjoy the lovely untouched nature on the fringes of the scenic Vooremaa region with its characteristic drumlins and oblong depressions. The Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve is at the distance of mere three stone’s throws from Kursi hunting manor. With fine food offered for sustenance you will not regret that you chose to stay in Kursi Hunting Manor for your holidays.

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WiFi, Family rooms, Pets allowed, Parking (free), Seminar and conference room, Fireplace, Outdoor sitting area


Accommodation available, Catering, Cafe, Accommodation, Sauna, Beauty services


Hiking trail, Sightseeing point, Riding


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Kursi Hunting Manor

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