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Dear friends! Come visit Estonia and Pinecone resthouse!

We saw those crazy traffic jams on the roads of Italy and Spain during holiday season:( Do something different this year... Come to the environment where your "inner beast" can relate back to the natural way of life you forgat, believe us, it's still there and waiting:)

The century old pine forests are the home of squirrels, wolfs, foxes, mooses, bears and many more wild animals. There is nothing easier than spotting them even on short drive around the local roads. You may satisfy your gourmet curiosity with wild berries- blue berries, black berries, wild strawberries and wild mushrooms as well. They grow just about everywhere.. even around the house you will be hosted in. Little preview? Click images below to get a peek...

The Pinecone Resthouse is located in scenic surroundings in a forest of pine by a beautiful lake. If you are tired from all the city noise, need some peace and quiet and birdsong or simply to rest with family and friends, we are here for you. You can rent our resthouse as an all-inclusive package complete with cooking facilities. In the course of time our resthouse has grown into a complete holiday service that includes our main house, a boathouse and a sauna located over a relatively large area of undulating landscape.

In the main house there are three twin bedrooms, a dining room, a terrace and a sauna.
The boathouse consists of a gazebo, pier and watercraft.
The sauna is located by the lake a short distance from the boathouse.

The main emphasis at our resthouse is privacy. You have probably experienced the situation at larger resorts where one group is looking for peace and quiet, but next door or in the next house someone decides to have a big party. Conflicts can arise. At Pinecone Resthouse such conflicts are out of the question because you just donÿt have any neighbours at all, whether you are looking for silence or want to party… …itÿs your decision and only yours.

Lake Ainja is less than 50 m from the house. At the lakeside there is a gazebo (just by the water line), equipment for barbecues, a pier and a boat. You can swim here in summer and skate in the wintertime. You might like to fish or take a romantic boating trip on the lake, where there is a superb array of water lilies in the summertime. If you want to fish, the lake contains pike, perch and roach. There are also more lakes in the vicinity, which we can show you as well. In these lakes you can also find species such as bream, eel and even crayfish. We do have a boat, but we suggest that you bring your own fishing equipment with you.


Pinecone Resthouse

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