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to choose ReFocus Silmakeskus for getting rid of glasses

1. We have mainly invested in the technology of a well-known German company Carl Zeiss, and are the only eye surgery centre in Estonia that uses the whole range of Carl Zeissi refractive surgery products for evaluating the eyes for the suitability for surgery as well as in laser eye surgery procedures: Femtolaser VisuMax, excimer laser MEL80, CRS-Master, wavefront analyser WASCA and cornea topographer ATLAS.

2. You can be sure in our eye surgery centre that the suitability of your eyes for laser surgery procedure will not be evaluated by an optometrist, but an eye surgeon, who prepares a best possible individual treatment plan for your eyes using CRS-Master software.

3. ReFocus Silmakeskus also performs other surgical procedures in addition to laser surgery that help you to get rid of glasses, including insertion of additional lens and replacement of a lens with a standard, cylindrical or multifocal lens. Our qualification to perform different procedures allows us to offer each patient the best possible option for getting rid of glasses.

4. In addition to the procedures that help patients to get rid of minus glasses, we also perform operations in patients who wish to get rid of plus glasses. We are the first eye surgery centre in the Baltics to offer the new Carl Zeiss procedure called Laser Blended Vision in patents over 40 years of age who wish to get rid of "reading glasses".

5. Since April 2010 we have been performing exclusively all the LASIK procedures with a new generation femtolaser VisuMax, since our experience coincides with the results of scientific investigations that laser surgery procedures with femtolaser are safer than those with mechanical microkeratome, achieved visual acuity is better, and recovery of the vision is also faster.

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Refocus Silmakeskus in Tartu

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