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Mud therapy was known already in Herodotus’ times in the fifth century B.C. He recalled about Tavrike and of the salt water lake with healing mud and the “Egyptian method of cure“ used there, i.e. the patient was coated with mud, dried out in the sun and after that washed in salt water...

The uniqueness of the effect of Saki mud on human organism may be described in popular manner as follows:

Saki mud cure may be characterised as having curative properties able to mobilise all mechanisms of the human organism. It is shown by better functioning of systems and organs, improvement in functions of various cellular structures, in enzymes, hormones, vitamins and every kind of metabolism. The medical statistics of many years confirms that it is simply impossible to find analogues to Saki mud cure by achieved results in complete convalescence of patients with neurological, urological, gynaecological and numerous other diseases.

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Hotell Ecolandi Spa

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