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Adresse: Talllinn, Harjumaa
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A Group - Ford Ka
B Group - Peugeot 207
B Group - Renault Clio
B+ Group - Renault Clio
C Group - Ford Focus STW
C Group - Opel Astra
C Group - Toyota Corolla
D Group - Ford Mondeo
D+ Group - Honda Accord
E Group - Ford Mondeo
E+ Group - Mazda 6
F+ Group - Ford Galaxy
F+ Group - Voyager
Lux Group - MB E 320

Jeep Group - BMW X5

G Group - Renault Trafic
G Group - VW Caravelle
H Group - MB Sprinter
H Group - Renault Master


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123 Autorent

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For fairness, I want to note that the company has now returned the money that was due, after a credit card charge dispute process. I can only hope this was mainly a question of misunderstanding and miscommunication,... (3.0) 19.10.2011

In addition to the rental fee, the company 'mistakenly' charged another 600 euros to credit card - they promised to refund the money but in fact did nothing except stop answering emails... Three months later, looks... (1.0) 21.09.2011

I woluld like to thank the company for any inconvenience and time that I have missed. I am very happy with your services because you have solved the question very quickly. Sergio Martinez Martos (5.0) 15.08.2011

Dear Sergio Martinez Martos, we are happy you sent us an email, so we can finally reach you. We tried to reach you by phone, but didn't success. We have enclosed the attachment, that shows you have been speeding on... (5.0) 14.08.2011

I have the same problem. The company has effected a supplementary post without warning myself. They have get of of my credit card 60 Euros more without giving me any explanation. . At the moment I have annulled the... (5.0) 13.08.2011

Illegally charged 600 euros to credit card (in addition to the rental fee), later gave various conflicting (and unjustified) explanations for this 'mistake' and promised to 'recredit' the amount. More than a month... (1.0) 17.07.2011

I totally disagree with Mark. We have rented from them several times and never had problems with them. Also we have suggested them to our other friends in Germany. I think Tallink has decided right to cooperate with... (5.0) 30.09.2010

Kui oleme kelleltki mingi raha põhjuseta kinni pidanud võtab pank selle tagasi ilma küsimata et kas võib, aga kui inimene on ise teinud autole vigastuse ja see on põhjendatud siis pole põhjust olla kibestunud kui... (5.0) 30.09.2010

Initially several times was forced to wait for them... like several hours... Tried to charge for everything. Finally they stole more than 400 eur from card, claiming as for gas - still not returned. avoid... (1.0) 29.09.2010