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Our mission is to help solve the problems raised by the lack of order car.

The goal is to offer rental car professional service, putting the client's interests first and develop the best and the biggest player in the Estonian market.

RentacarRent was born in Pärnu, the summer of 2005 the purchase of one vehicle, the name of Fie.

The end of 2006 was three vehicles in its capital. Terminate the rental car operations in Pärnu Target LLC.

Serlik Rent Ltd was established in 2007. The end of year with the bank help Serlik Rent Ltd has six vehicles. Including the Ford Galaxy 7 seater. At that time, was greater in Pärnu 3 and 4, a smaller maker.

Expansion took place in Tallinn for three vehicles, including Baby Holding, LLC. 90 players in Tallinn. Pärnu market pushed its way to B3 5 car rental vehicle.

The end of 2008 there were 9 cars. B3 could not handle it and left the Pärnu. Serlik Rent Ltd joined the list of one of the new Golf 5, a run-down Ford camper, and forklift 5t.

Expanded in 2009 to Kuressaare and Baby Holding acquires a comfortable seven seater Toyota Previa. Pärnu Reitingen action stops our cars and all the other small players. Remain Privalon (12 cars) Car Rental and lease. 5 vehicle moves from Tallinn to Pärnu a new player, who still comes down to the end of the two autoni.

2010, will hit both Tallinn and Pärnu office. Fraud will be both the best car. Cheaters caught in the police action but then thanks to the stretch. The correction will destroy the economy of the capital. By the end of the park, however, both are able to innovate and successfully. Pärnu added in 2000 and 2004 Focus Mondeo. Tallinn, plus another 2000 Volvo V40 and other 2001 Toyota Previa.

We contribute to that life would be better than today ...

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RentacarRent in Kuressaare

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