Bastion Port Artur 2

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Bastion Port Artur 2 / Vorstellung


Bastion is one of the most beloved brands on the Estonian fashion scene. Our collections are intended for the woman who appreciates elegance and quality. The style of the collection is primarily formal, but with a noticeably festive edge that compliments a true woman.

Our collection is characterised by feminine fabrics and cuts that are a perfect fit for a curvy woman who is keen to accentuate her figure. Our unique touch is added by combining statuesque details with exciting patterns. Bastion's garments are carefully finished, inside and out, and focus on presentable details. Loyal followers of the brand appreciate that the main emphasis of Bastion’s collection is always the use of animal print and feminine lace patterns.

Brand's history

"Founded in 1987 by Indrek Stahl and Meriko Pääro as head of design, Bastion has contributed to Estonia’s fashion history by doing more than just designing clothes. The company also founded the first modelling agency in Estonia and has hosted several catwalk shows in the Baltics and in Russia. Besides womenswear, Bastion has also designed clothes for men and children, including sportswear and accessories.

Today, the brand focuses on its strengths, namely designing clothes for the feminine, self-confident woman who values quality. Currently, the Bastion collection design team includes Monika Randloo, Triinu Jõhve, and founder of the company Merike Pääro as creative consultant. In 2003, Merike Pääro received the Estonian Fashion Designer of the Year award, and Monika Randloo was nominated for the same award in 2006.

Since November 2012, Bastion has been part of the Baltika Group, the biggest fashion retailer in Estonia. The Baltika group aims to maintain the brand's position and signature designs as well as to further develop the brand's export potential. Bastion has great opportunities to expand further in the Baltics and also to enter the untapped Scandinavian and eastern European markets.

Bastion store concept design essence

The Bastion store concept design essence plays with the idea of a personalised wardrobe. What woman doesn’t dream of a walk-in closet that can satisfy any fashion wish? The modern boudoir, decorated in delicate tones, confers an exclusive touch of luxury – that something special just for her, alluringly feminine, rich, and joyful. In an intimate atmosphere away from everyday life, amid fine brass furniture, plush carpets, and a magnificent hall of mirrors, one can’t help but feel beautiful.

Immerse yourself in the world of chic fashion and enjoy personal and professional advice from your best friend or Bastion consultant.

The Bastion shop architecture was developed by the Baltika Group in conjunction with the Dan Pearlman international design agency.

Bastion Port Artur 2 / Gallery

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