Café-restaurant Kvartal

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Café-restaurant Kvartal / Vorstellung

«KVARTAL» is a comfortable café-restaurant in the historical centre of Tallinn, in the premises, which already more than a hundred years ago served people who enjoyed good food. It has been reconstructed several times, owners and food have changed, but the main idea has remained the same – here, people have always loved to eat well, and here, they have always been served delicious food.

We decided to continue this tradition, making your holiday as comfortable and cosy as possible. The menu includes classic European cuisine that will please admirers of both meat and vegetarian dishes, and the drinks menu is very diverse.

To prepare foods, only high quality local products are used. Cooks work until they have to serve the last visitor, and our friendly staff always welcomes you with a smile.

The two halls of our restaurant make it possible to organize various events, for which we have developed a special banquet menu.
We have also arranged for you a small thematic art exhibition (you can make a purchase if you’d like to).

For our small guests there is a children’s corner, where they can have fun; young talents can use felt-tip pens and pencils, and later their works of art can be included in our drawing exhibition.
Come and bring your friends along – we are always open for you!

A dinner for two or an evening with friends, a lunch with colleagues or family – it’s always possible to choose the best table and order your favourite dishes!

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