Carolina Autorent

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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Carolina Autorent / Vorstellung

Carolina Hotel Group offers a good and cheap solution for customers who need transportation for some period of time. To satisfy the needs of more demanding customers we offer stationwagon versions for carrying more luggage and minibuses up to 14 people.

General Conditions of Car Rental:

MInimal rental period is one day. Special price for longer period is possible.
Driver must have at least two years driving experience and minimum age 21 years.
Rental prices include insurances with insurance liabiity up to 3000 EEK (200 EUR). In case of car theft the renter must submit the keys of the car, documents related to the car and front panel of radio.

Transfer is a car rental with a driver where the customer is transferred from one destination to another. There are special transfer rates to the cities of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Carolina Rent only guarantees the availability of the car groups, not concrete model.

Carolina Autorent / Gallery

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