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Elfi’s summer house is a comfortable opportunity for the vacation in the island of Saaremaa, in Estonia. The summer house is situated by the sea. The house is convenient for one family or for one company. You will have at your disposal the main house and the smaller house. There are two bedrooms, a big kitchen with all the kitchen staff, a living room with the fireplace and a sauna in the main house. There are two additional bedrooms in the other house. In all there are 6 beds and two of them are double beds. Additionally we offer the opportunities to tent, to play volleyball and indiaca, to grill and to go boating.

*If you want you can bring your pet(s) along, but this has to be agreed first.

Saaremaa is the biggest island in Estonia. In the summertime the Saaremaa is very popular among the tourists and among the Estonian people. The summer house is situated in the west coast of Saaremaa, in the village of Möldri. The distance from the sea is not more than 50 meters, closest neighbor is ca 1 kilometer and to Kuressaare is ca 25 kilometer.

The Elfi’s summer house got the beautiful home award in 2002.

Welcome and enjoy the pleasant vacation in Elfi’s summer house!

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