Eliisabeti Kirik

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Eliisabeti Kirik / Vorstellung

The church built under the guidance of Riga master builder J. H. Güterbock in 1744-1747 is one of the most outstanding examples of baroque churches in Estonia. The spire of the tower was made by J. H. Wülbern, the tower master of Riga’s St. Peter’s Church. The church was sanctified in 1750. As Russian Empress Elizabeth funded the construction works, the church was given her name. The neo-gothic pulpit and altar were made in 1850; the altarpiece (“Resurrection”) dating from 1854 was completed in Van der Kann’s workshop in Rotterdam. In 1893, the wooden building of the oldest theatre of the town (Küün) in the southern part of the plot was demolished and the southern wing was erected (designed by R. Häusermann, a construction master from Riga). The organ, built in 1929 by H. Kolbe of Riga, is among the best in Estonia. In 1995 the extension with offices was completed (architect R. Luhse).

Eliisabeti Kirik / Gallery

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