Ene Villa

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Ene Villa / Vorstellung

The villa is located in the beautiful seaside district of Pärnu. It is a 5-minute walk to the centre of town. The villa is well placed for all ind of relaxation (a wonderful park, anumber of cafes and places of treatment).

Every room has WC and a shower with floor-heating and a compulsive ventilation system. The rooms have a TV-set, a fridege and a coffee-machine. Up to now, we are able to accommodate maximum 13-14 people. A room with fireplace for 4-6 people belongs to it. Villa Ene has also got rooms for non-smokers and allergical people. In summer it is possible to barbecue in the yard. The place is cosy and the distric is peaceful. The parking for tourist`s cars is safe (2 garage boxes).

Villa Ene is situated at a 2-3 minute walk from the sanatorium Estonia. Thanks to this location we can do complete cooperation with the sanatorium and offer our visitors both the complete complex of treatments and a few of them. Accommodation in Villa Ene + treatment in the sanatorium Estonia.

The motorbike tourists will find staying at Villa Ene suitable as we can place their costly two-wheel-horses in the inner yard or in the garage for the night. Welcome to spend your vacation, medical treatment or business trip in Villa Ene!

Summer period the prices start from 800kr. a night.
Autumn-Spring period the prices start from 600kr. a night.
Winter period (nov-april) we are closed!

Ene Villa / Gallery

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