Võru, Võrumaa



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Võru, Võrumaa

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Haanjamatkad / Vorstellung

Hiking-in-Haanja is offering memorable and refreshing outdoor vacation.

Mainly we are arranging two-day combined canoe-, bicycle- and hiking adventure tours on appointed routes, sleeping in tents and having all together four meals.

In addition to these every weekend adventure tours we are ready to organize various kinds of tours for different quantity of participants.

Haanja and Võru county is a wonderful place for touring. The biggest density of roads and tracks in Estonia, many rivers, wild nature, hills and valleys, many sights make the tours unforgettable.

From this season we are offering a possibility for all kind of hikers to rest in our sauna. The price of whole sauna-house is 1500EEK for an evening.

Accomodation on the first floor is ready now. Please contact us for booking!

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