Hare Kodumajutus - Ruusi Talu

Kuressaare, Saaremaa



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Kuressaare, Saaremaa

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Hare Kodumajutus - Ruusi Talu / Vorstellung

We are situated in a newly renovated typical 100-year-old West-Estonian country cottage, surrounded by a stone henge. There is a garden with fruit trees, berries and a pond. Peaceful and quiet place for those travelling by car and bicycle. The nearest bus stop is 1 km from the cottage.
We also have a fully equipped kitchen for cooking (hot and cold running water, electric stove, microwave oven, fridge, TV, etc.). The kitchen can be used for gatherings for up to 12 people.
Additional facilities: a sauna with a fireplace (4-5 people) 200 EEK / 13 EUR per hour. An open fireplace for barbecue and smoking fish 150 EEK / 10 EUR per hour. Services for extra price: A computer and Internet available. Musicians, sightseeing, tickets for transport and cultural events should be booked in advance.
Location: Ruusi talu is situated 16 kilometers from Kuressaare. To get here drive 5 km along Kuressaare-Kuivastu road and then turn left to Leisi. Drive 8 km, turn left at Kärla sign. Then drive 2 km and turn right at Kaarma sports hall. After driving 1.2 km through the village you will arrive at a sign "Ruusi talu". Turn right - and there you are!

- 1 room with all modern conveniences, double-size bed + extra bed, shower, toilet (560 EEK / 35 EUR per night)
- 2 double rooms in a cabin (300 EEK / 19 EUR per night)
- 2 tents (30 EEK / 2 EUR per tent + 70 EEK / 4 EUR per person)
Altogether 3 rooms, 6 beds + 1 extra bed, 2 tents (for three).
Open all year round.

Hare Kodumajutus - Ruusi Talu / Gallery

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