Hektor Cafe

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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Hektor Cafe / Vorstellung

Hektor Cafe introduces an innovative & fresh cafeteria culture in Tartu as we are open daily for both the guests at Hektor Design Hostels as well the citizens of Tartu, situated comfortably next to Tartu Aparaaditehas and in between all faculties & campuses of the University of Tartu.

There is something for all taste buds at Hektor Cafe

We offer delicious foods for all lactose & gluten intolerant, vegans & vegetarians, those who follow a paleo diet or need a dairy free meal – our excellent team of chefs kindly meets all your needs with delicious tastes intact. The menu mixes a breeze of Scandinavian fine cooking with the raw materials from our Estonian black soil. The food is accompanied by a refreshing cocktail menu & suitable fine wines.

Our menu is seasonal & in constant change. The team at Hektor Cafe also includes a talented confectioner-baker, who has created delicate desserts and delicious pastry especially for us, which you can also take on the go.

Quality & experience in gastrology

Our menu is as youthful as our head chef, member of the Association des chefs cuisiners estonians- Urpo Reinthal.

His food art has earned praising words from both customers as well as from other tops of the field of gastrology. Urpo’s career has taken him to many different top restaurants both in Estonia & abroad. He has also witnessed the birth of several special restaurants. He, who has tasted his food, will never wish for anything more!

Now it is time for You to taste his delicacy at Hektor Cafe.

In addition to the exquisite cuisine at Hektor Cafe, the interior design & concept of our cafe is distinctive & smart as we have trusted our talented architects & designers. The furniture has been produced & assembled especially for us by local independent furniture makers, and the library of Hektor Cafe has been made extra comfortable with the help of Estonian furniture designers at Oot-Oot Stuudio.

What is more, on the floor below Hektor Cafe you are welcome to enjoy our cozy lounge with board games, table football & a modern projector to hang out with friends, organize a seminar or movie nights.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in Hektor Cafe!

Hektor Cafe / Gallery

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