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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Hinkali is not just a huge dumpling as some people say. They don't understand anything in Georgian cuisine! What dumplings?! Tibetans too would take offense, if their momo's would be named "dumplings". Hinkali is a different story And our new place in Tallinn near the bus station is devoted to that story.

Yes, we agree that the form of hinkali reminds of a dumpling. But the dough for hinkali is made without eggs. That benefits digestion, without stuffing your belly. Besides, the minced meat for hinkali is made from top quality mutton. Many modern dumplings can't brag that. One of the most important components of hinkali is - kindza. This plant is also known to us as coriander. Georgians know a lot about spices - kindza benefits digestion and is the best partner for mutton. Besides, the coriander is a good remedy for a whole bouquet of diseases! Hinkali is served with black pepper which kills microbes and raises immunity. Wow, should we say! Such a simple dish, and so many benefits!

Hinkali House is the place to taste genuine Hinkali in Estonia. If you want to have a healthy but fast meal - come to us, forget fast food! Visit the Georgians, and they will feed you from all the heart!

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Bewertung: 5.0

Parimad hinkaalid Tallinnas! (23.07.2014)

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