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Tammsaare tee 24B, Pärnu, Pärnumaa rufnummer anzeigen

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Hotell Astra beauty salon / Vorstellung

Ericson Laboratoire

- (chemical peeling + enzyme peeling + micro/dermabrasion) removes skin's defects and promotes deep regeneration of skin tissues. Rejuvenating effect. 50 EUR

Meso-vit - Perfectly suited to skin that has become sensitive after a beauty procedure. Meso-vit activates the various mechanisms of the skin: cell regeneration, rebuilding of the tissues, strengthening of the natural defences and reduced skin reactivity. 50 EUR

Biopure - Biological purification. Biopure provides skin with the intense oxygeneration, protection against toxic micro particles and strong energetic effects. 50 EUR

Feminity - Preserves youthfulness and femininity due to 2 actions: regaining cutaneous hormonal balace and protecting stem cells. 50 EUR

Needle free mesotherapy with nourishing serums, lifting and moistening - The needle freee mesotherapy injection system provides a non-invasive effective and comfortable alternative to mesotherapy injection. It is only system that is FDA cleared for the transdermal delivery of the mesotherapy drugs into the body with no need of either injections of syringes. 45 EUR

Pedicure 25 EUR

Spa pedicure 28 EUR
Manicure 18 EUR
Spa manicur 25 EUR

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