Kassinurme Kalevipoeg´s Slingstone



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Kassinurme Kalevipoeg´s Slingstone / Vorstellung

Near the Kalewide´s bed at Kassinurme there is a big stone. The stone is said to come to that place in the following way. Once the hero walked on the shores of Lake Kuremaa and saw a wolf walking in the Kassinurme bed. He at once slung a stone towards the wolf. The trace of the sling is still on the stone: a red stripe about 4 metres long. It is not known, whether the Kalewide hit the wolf or not. Water gathers into the hollow on the stone and it is told that shepherd boys used to drink that water. The roundabouts of the stone is now full of trees, earlier it was an open place.

Kassinurme Kalevipoeg´s Slingstone / Gallery

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