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Kelluka Puhkemaja / Vorstellung

Kelluka cottage is located in northern coast of Estonia, Pärispea peninsula, the same name of the fishing villages, what history goes back very far, 1219th year. Settlers in the village for long centuries been as monks, pirates and alcohol smugglers. Today Pärispea offering peace and quiet of the beautiful seaside nature, which settlers continue to fish in the sea and work hard, urban people have built their homes here.

We are nearer to Lahemaa national park territory, and here you can also go to the most northern mainland point in Estonia - the magic Purekkari Peninsula. Perfect place to spend your summer holiday.

For nature fans are certainly interested to our learning pathways and the hiking trails that run around the entire peninsula. Creeky coastline and sometimes marshy terrain is congenial environment for eagles, cranes as well many other waterfowl species. Bird watchers have plenty activity.

Art lovers have the opportunity to visit the neighboring village Viinistu interesting Art Museum, where during the summer takes place many theater and concerts.

Kelluka cottage is perfect for those looking for private itself beingt and certainly artist will find inspiration here.

You are welcome!

Kelluka Puhkemaja / Gallery

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