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Laitse Lossi Pubi / Vorstellung

The pub is open from 11-22 it has a full selection of alcohol, and seats 22. A shot of vodka with herring, on the menu since we opened, warms you up nicely. The pub is also renowened for its lamb skewers and creamy chanterelle soup. The menu often boasts roast game as well. In the summer we lend plaids for holding picnics, and you can grill your own meat outside, in the winter you can sometimes skate on the park pond.

For events you can reserve three adjoining rooms on the first floor: the dining hall holding 42, a parlor for holding seminars or dancing, and the fireplace hall for relaxing. Also, of course, the sunny balcony that adjoins the dining hall.

The front of the castle holds 14 cars, up to 40 cars can be parked around the castle. Dogs are allowed to accompany their masters, but they can't disturb other guests.

Guests with disabilities are welcome, and we will do our best to make them feel like kings, but sadly this 19th century castle was not built with disabled peopla in mind. Still, the restaurant, pub, dance floor, wardrobe, and bathrooms are all on the main floor. The sauna complax can be entered through the south-side, through a separate door.

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