Linnutaja LinnutajaHill-Fort



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Linnutaja LinnutajaHill-Fort / Vorstellung

Linnutajamägi is a hill-fort in Tarakvere. By a legend, Kalevipoeg once came to Lake Peipus, his apron full of sand. He dropped the sand and a hill was formed. He levelled it and lay down to rest. He slept seven days and nights. Near by is the place where Kalevipoeg is said to have fought with warlocks. The warlocks attacked him when he was coming from the other shore of Lake Peipus with a load of boards on his back. “Strike edgeways,” a hedgehog advised from behind a bush. Thanks to this small wise animal Kalevipoeg beat the enemies. In token of gratitude for the good piece of advice he gave a piece of the coat gusset to the hedgehog so that it could cover its naked body. On Linnutaja Hill a cock crows and a gentle ringing of bells can be heard every Whitsunday.

Linnutaja LinnutajaHill-Fort / Gallery

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