Männiku Külalistemaja

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Männiku Külalistemaja / Vorstellung

The Guesthouse "MÄNNIKU" is in the area of small houses near pinewood forest. It takes two kilometers to the center of the town and to the main beach (by taxi it costs 3 euros). In fiveminute walk you will find a coffee shop, a market and little shops. Nearby there is a place to swim in the sea and in the river.
There are 13 rooms and 30 beds.
In the big building: 6 two persons rooms (with shower, toilet, TV), a room for children, a big kitchen with all the convenience, sauna and a large balcony.
Family rooms: There are in the one floor building large rooms which fits 5 people. There are shower, toilet, fridgerader and a coffee machine.
The guesthouse has a large closed yard where you can barbeque, park your car safely and enjoy your staying. Closed area makes it safe for children to play.
We also have bike for rent. You can bike around in the summer Pärnu.

Männiku Külalistemaja / Gallery

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