Mardi Talu



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Mardi Talu / Vorstellung

Large sauna house (Accommodation for 11 persons, extra beds may be added)
On the first floor a large sitting room with a kitchen corner, fireplace and terrace, sauna, bathroom, and WC. SAT TV, plasma TV, CD/DVD player, amplifier.
The kitchen is equipped with everything you need for cooking – gas stove, fridge, microwave, boiler, coffee maker, roaster.
On the second floor four heatable bedrooms (for 4 + 3 + 2 + 2 persons).

Small sauna house (Accommodation for 6 persons, 3 double beds)
On the first floor a sitting room with a fireplace, and a sauna.
On the second floor two rooms, one of them with one and the other with two double beds.
Commonly used WC situated in the granary (5 meters).
On special agreement a cookhouse may be used.

Granary (May accommodate 10 persons)
On the first floor one room as well as a commonly used WC with washbasin.
On the second floor one large room with four double beds. NB! No heating. No pillows, blankets or sheets. The small sauna house washing facilities may be used. On special agreement a cookhouse may be used.

Pirate boat party place with dance floor (for up to 25 persons)
Use of charcoal grill
Rowing boat Kasse
Gas grill with balloon
Use of volleyball ground
Use of basketball ground
Joyride with driver from the Atla haven on speedboat RIB (7 places): to the island Vilsandi, for fishing, water skiing, kid tubing, visiting islands and islets, possible seal watching, etc.
Sightseeing outings with guide
In autumn mushrooming
Fish smoking
Catering: if ordered in advance Saaremaa home beer, slaughtered lamb or goat available
ATV riding
Campfire ground

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