Matto Maakorralduse ja Kinnisvarabüroo

Kärdla, Hiiumaa



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Kärdla, Hiiumaa

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Matto Maakorralduse ja Kinnisvarabüroo / Vorstellung

Matto Maakorralduse ja Kinnisvarabüroo OÜ (Matto Bureau of Organization of Land Exploitation and Real Estate) was founded on the 11th of December 1995 as a bureau of organization of land exploitation and real estate. A termless practice licence was issued on the 17th of July 1996.
Matto bureau grew out from the state project of Eesti Maauuringute Hiiumaa Maakorraldusbüroo and the work experience in survey and organization of land exploitation was obtained there.

Main fields of activities are:
- geodetic survey;
- land exploitation projects;
- buying, selling, broking of real estate;
- real estate development projects;
- real estate administration.

Matto Maakorralduse ja Kinnisvarabüroo / Gallery

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