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Mehikoorma Lighthouse / Vorstellung

The lighthouse Mehikoorma is located in the southern part of the lake Pepsiyarv, settling down on the western coast of the lake to Lyammiyarva. In 1906 it was mentioned in need to differentiate coastal lowlands in Mekhikorm by sector of fire. Since The First World War there are some data on finding of the main lighthouse which showed ship ways to North side to Piirsaar and in South side to Sulusaara. For passing of narrowness of Mekhikorm from the passage Meksi of 0,7 km in South side in 1926 two purposes 194 ° lighthouse with fires of white color were based on Russia side from Pnevo, approaching to Mekhikorm's coast two purposes 336 ° - lighthouse with white fires. In 1929 on Mekhikorm's lighthouse there was connected blinking sector light. The wooden lighthouse was replaced on ferroconcrete in 1938, it became 15 meter in height and with a diameter of 3 meters, worked by means of energy of acetylene. In 1943 in compliance in navigation charts the lamp of a lighthouse was red with average sector and edges of ship ways were differentiated by white light. Since 1943 on navigation charts from Mekhikorm's lighthouse in the southeast the located lowland Haniva (Pnevo) is noted by being shone buoys today (W being shone buoy Est P31 and Est P32).

Mehikoorma Lighthouse / Gallery

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