Niidiaia Oak Forest



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Niidiaia Oak Forest / Vorstellung

It is a meadow of 8 ha where old (almost 350 years old) oak trees grow. At the borders of the area, the oaks grow more densely, on the sides, the area is higher. According to folkloric traditions there used to be a forest lake a long time ago. The baron of Haimre manor had the oaks planted here, the area separated by a fence and henceforth the area was mown. Perhaps the name of the place Niidiaia has come from the fact that this area was mown and the mown land was separated by a fence – 'niiduaed' or 'niidiaed' (mown garden). The baron of Haimre and his hunting companions considered this place their favourite. They gathered here before going hunting and afterwards, for sharing the prey, perhaps they even held hunting parties here.

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