Otepää Golfiklubi



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Otepää Golfiklubi / Vorstellung

A unique stone building with a wooden roof situated in picturesque scenery –– guests visiting the clubhouse restaurant, the main hall with its fireplace and the saunas are only separated from the outside world by a glass wall, through which they can enjoy watching activities on and around the golf course as well as take in the beautiful surroundings of Otepää Nature Park. Along with an open planned interior this emphasis on views creates space throughout the building and opens up lakes and forests for the viewer in every direction. Such a modern and stylish building amongst beautiful natural scenery provides the ideal place to meet and enjoy good food. Otepää golf course and the clubhouse represent new traditions and are open for everyone throughout the year.

The total area of the building and the terraces extending in different directions run to 1000 m2 and is for satisfying specific needs.

Otepää Golfiklubi / Gallery

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