Pältre Candlestick Spruce



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Pältre Candlestick Spruce / Vorstellung

Looking from a distance, it seems that there is a small spruce grove growing at the edge of the meadow. Actually it is one spruce, which has 11 crowns. The tree reminds one of a huge candlestick, hence the name for this otherwise common spruce type. The Pältre Candlestick Spruce is the grandest of the Estonian candlestick spruces. The height of the tree is 25 metres, girth is 0,8 metres (in height of 3,4 m) and crowns diameter is 19-20 metres.
People typically believe that candlestick spruces are a result of crown damage when the tree was young. For example it has been said that passing wedding parties have broken the crown. Money has also been found below the Pältre candlestick spruce. It is said that a long time ago monument masons slept below the spruce and that one of them died there. Supposedly the money of this man was put under the roots of the spruce, because he had been an old unmarried man and without a family.

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