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Pätsuloigu Puhketalu / Vorstellung

A cosy resort in the beautiful juniper-covered Keila municipality in Harjumaa is waiting for you.

You recuperate with the quiet and beautiful nature, the bathing barrel filled with nice chilly or warm water, smoke sauna complete with a big hearth and smoked meat prepared in the same place, hot Finnish sauna, a unique fire chamber with a grass roof and a site for a campfire.

Come relax in Pätsuloigu, relax, enjoy or celebrate after a tiring workday, during the holidays, to hold company retreats, birthday or wedding parties, reunions, trainings, seminars or any other types of events.

The Pätsuloigu Puhketalu consists of buildings, located next to each other, that can be used separately or jointly.

We have:
log house; bathing barrel; smoke sauna; summer kitchen; fire chamber; campfire site

Don’t hesitate to ask for an offer – we try to fulfil your every request!

Pätsuloigu Puhketalu / Gallery

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