Piprarestoran Karl Friedrich

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Piprarestoran Karl Friedrich / Vorstellung

Karl Friedrich is a distinguished restaurant with a luxurious interior located on Tallinn’s Town Hall Square.

There are four rooms in the elegant à la carte restaurant (located on the second floor), which offers European cuisine and an excellent selection of wines. The sumptuous Golden Fireplace Room, Office, Red Room and Venetian Hall are all inspired by the building’s dignified history. All of the rooms can also be reserved for private functions. From the restaurant’s windows there is an outstanding view over Town Hall Square and the Old Town.

The cosy pub-style cellar of the building is a great place to spend an evening enjoying good food and drink. Thanks to the two wide-screen TVs, Karli Kelder is the ideal setting for larger events, such as sports and film evenings.

The cooking of Veiko Ruukel, the head chef at Karl Friedrich, is characterised by interesting flavours and sharp experiences, with his rule in the kitchen being “you never make good food in a hurry.” Ruukel was a winner at the One World competition for chefs in Iceland and has trained at Bagatelle in Oslo, Norway – a restaurant with two Michelin stars.

Karl Friedrich’s professional team will help you find exactly what you are looking for, whatever the situation.

Piprarestoran Karl Friedrich / Gallery

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Bewertung: 1.0

Худшее место в Таллинне(( (03.02.2022)

Bewertung: 1.0

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