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Põltsamaa, Jõgevamaa



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Põltsamaa, Jõgevamaa

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Põltsamaa Veinikelder / Vorstellung

Põltsamaa Felix is the oldest producer of fruit and berry wines in Estonia. Manufacturing of wines got under way in 1920, and by the end of the Estonian Republic, the drinks were known and highly appreciated both in Estonia and abroad.

Põltsamaa offers natural fruit and berry wines, some of which are fresh and spunky whereas others are slowly seasoned and dignified. All the material needed for making wines comes from orchards and berry gardens in Estonia.

Our wine cellar has developed into a tourist attraction of the town of Põltsamaa. The opportunity to taste and buy the wines on the spot brings us more and more visitors. For various fees, it is possible to taste all Põltsamaa wines in our wine cellar. There are tasting packages of 3 as well as 5 wines available.

The Food museum
In the wine cellar there is also a food museum , where you can get an overview of the history of food production in Põltsamaa since ETK Põltsamaa Factorys' early days from the 1920s, when coffee, potato starch, and wine were produced, the Soviet era period, when unique tube products were produced for cosmonauts, up to the present day.

Põltsamaa Veinikelder / Gallery

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