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Pubi Janune Kägu / Vorstellung

It was 1995 when our pub
“Janune Kägu” (Thirsty Cuckoo)
was opened in stylish old wooden house and since then we are opened for our quests both from closer and farther.
Here you can spend a great time, eat with gusto and drink with pleasure.
On 1998 we expanded our business with accommodation and since then our quests can stay for nights to Hostel which is situated on the second floor of the building.
On 2001 we expanded again and opened the sauna-villa “Amanda” in the backyard of the pub, where we can serve meals and beverages according to your orders. Two storey building has sauna on the first floor and two bedrooms with four beds on the second floor
Believe us, you will enjoy it
On 2003 we expanded once more and now our quests can spend their summer days and nights in the cabins or barbecue house of our camping area. There are two beds on the first floor however; the greatest advantage of the house is a chance for up to four people to spend a romantic night in hayloft.
Please do not visit us alone or your closest friends only – please take your little furry friend with you – we have a special little windowed house for him .

Pub opened
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu,
Sun 10AM – 6PM
Fri, Sat from 10AM –
We offer rich variety of hot dishes, refreshers and beverages
Seating capacity 70 people
We cater your birthdays, weddings, reunions, soirées, parties, and lunches with menus at your taste and at the day and time that are the best for you. Moreover, we are with you not only on your fine days but as well on your sad days like funerals. The choices would include:
Formal Dinner or Business Dinner,
Cocktail Party,
Set Menu for groups
We serve:
Potato Salad with Frankfurters,
Gravlax with Toast
Ukrainian Soljanka
The Soup of the Day
Salmon /salmon, fried potatoes, green salad, mayonnaise sauce/
Breaded Fillet /pork fillet fried in breadcrumbs, mushroom, potatoes, green salad, sauce/
Roast Pork /roast pork, potatoes, sauerkraut, dish-gravy/
Stoves Roast Meat /roasted pork, potatoes, roasted vegetables, dish-gravy/
Georgian Pork /fried pork, hot sauce with mushrooms, potatoes, green salad/
Roast Chicken /chicken fried in breadcrumbs, potatoes, green salad, curry sauce/
Chicken Kiev
Todayś special
Ukrainian Beef Strogonov, Goulash, Minced Meat Sauce, Chopped meat steak, Curried Chicken, baked Meat Loaf, Stew, Fish Fry/
Gelatin Dessert
Ice Cream
Pan Cake
On preorder: everything you like

Pubi Janune Kägu / Gallery

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