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Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Here three years as production of Russian firm RedFox pleases fans of sports and productive leisure in Estonia. In our store, everyone will find for itself(himself) something useful and suitable on quality and the price. Production of firm RedFox approaches not only for youth, but also for people of old age and with a different material prosperity. The prehistory is very simple: the young people conducting an active way of life, going in the next holiday to drive on skis and well and comfortably to have a rest, have engaged in search of suitable equipment. And to a great regret for itself have found out, that any Estonian firm cannot please fans of sports and rest, in one firm was not found suitable equipment of high quality under the reasonable price. After long searches of harmony of the prices and qualities have come across Russian company RedFox, and to great pleasure have found out not only high quality under the reasonable prices, but also a huge choice of models from city up to extreme.
The assortment of our goods constantly increases in process of demand of buyers, it is possible to get from us not only production of company RedFox, but also the accompanying goods of other firms, for example means poy to a course behind clothes and the footwear, convenient trekking footwear and footwear for run of known American firm Saucony. Lately any expedition including to the Everest, has not done without our help, of our services have taken advantage and before trips to Elbrus, the Alpes, Pamir.
If you want to have a rest conveniently - welcome to us.

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