Restaurant Olematu Rüütel

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Restaurant Olematu Rüütel / Vorstellung

The name of the restaurant “Olematu Rüütel”, e.g. “The Non-existent Knight”-does not mean that there never have been any of them here. On the country, through centuries Toompea has been the agelong residence of vassals, members of different orders and the nobility. Later on the Knighthood of Estonia became the protector of their common interests and privileges.

As to the owners of the immovable property in Kiriku põik 4, it is known that since 1537 it belonged to a family of aristocrats called Anrepp. Mention has been made of its members Reinhold in 1568 and Herman Anrepp in the second half of the 17th century. Marrying the latter’s daughter, Reinhold Engdes became the owner of this property in about 1680 but this family died without offspring in 1748.

In 1758 baron Berend Gustav von Stackelberg, member of one of , one the oldest and most influential families in Estonia, became the owner of this house. From 1830 to 1857 the immovable property belonged to the Knighthood of Estonia, later it was transferred to baron Gottlieb von Rosen. Since 1873 it was owned by district magistrate Otto von Lilienfeld whose descendants used it until 1940.

Therefore we can may-be still see, at least in our mind’s eye, one or another of those blue blood persons who have walked through these rooms, in armour or in a velvet gown linked with fur, in a wing or already in a silk hat, in order to taste what Host kindly served.

Let join them. Bon appétit!

Restaurant Olematu Rüütel / Gallery

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