Restoran Lusikas

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Restoran Lusikas / Vorstellung

The Spoon is ingenious, an instrument of the most simplistic design. Yet irreplaceable and none comparable to the knife or fork. There is rarely an occasion at the dinning table where the spoon cannot perform.

It is no coincidence that our beautifully elegant restaurant on Aia Street, is also called Spoon. Simple, yet unique cuisine which has been inspired by Estonian traditions, mixed vigorously with world flavours and left to settle in the crisp northern climates.

Here at ‘Lusikas’ we believe in enjoying the finer things in life. We create the right dining atmosphere with music, wines and smiles. Our chefs honour the finest ingredients and entrust their creations with our waiters who proudly present it for your dining pleasure.

Good food is an experience of indulgence, which at Lusikas, you can expect take as standard. We are not afraid to exceed our own expectations. In the end - when it comes to food Lusikas can succeed in everything!

Restoran Lusikas / Gallery

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