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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Restoran Mix Fusion / Vorstellung

Fusion restaurant MIX does not offer simple conventional dishes, but they are fantastic and delicious.

There is a saying that everything ingenious is simple. Fusion cuisine is ingenious. However, it’s not that simple. Fusion in English means integration, mixture. I would like to present you the first ever in Tallinn fusion restaurant MIX, located in the renowned street in the Old Town of Tallinn, at Pikk 33.

Fusion successfully combines a traditional European kitchen with the Far East and Central Asia cuisines.

Fusion is not a novice – it was born in 1970s and has been developing on either sides of the Atlantic ocean.

Some people claim that fusion is an invention of French chefs who decided to revitalise the fading interest towards the French cuisine. The others insist that it was started by those Americans who were displeased with the fact that the USA is associated in catering with junk food.

For me fusion means the simplicity of dishes, sofistication of combinations and mastery of chef let alone the knowledge of different foods and national cuisines „seasoned“ with inspiration and love for improvisation, the search of the new and unknown. And last but not least – the taste of food. Everything else is of secondary importance. Of course, the food display is of utmost importance, still, the taste comes absolutely first-place.

Fusion in culinary terms means combining recipes from various cuisines in one dish. It is possible to make European dish and serve it with sauce or garnish prepared to some Oriental recipe. Fusion cuisine can often be a surprising though harmonious mix of different tastes, styles, ingredients and culinary traditions taken from the most popular national cuisines, including Japanese, French, Italian, Russian and others.

After 15 years in hospitality industry, we decided to establish in Tallinn an enterprise that we were dreaming about for many years. It’s me, Vladimir Iljin, and my copartner and a friend Maxim Ryndin who let the dream come true in the MIX restaurant.

Our establishment houses several halls and a summer ground that opens in warm seasons. Art-deco design combines the external luxury with the homelike comfort. Bright colours, soft light, hand-made golden paintings, mirror surfaces, huge windows, glossy ceiling lams and pleasant music create a relaxed democratic atmosphere. This is not only true for its environment, but for the sophisticated cuisine as well.

The authorial recipes by Vladimir Iljin follow the European and Mediterranean cooking traditions with non-conformal approach and use of the up-to-date fusion stylish trends.

Dishes are only cooked with natural foods without additives, colorants or concentrates.

Due to this peculiarities and unusual display, the same dish is unique every single time.

Apart from the mouth-watering culinary delicasies by the chef, you will be offered the upmarket spirits, the best green and black tea variety, marvellous coffee as well as the outstanding non-alcoholic cocktails made by Maxim Ryndin.

Cocktails make the perfect example of the fusion style in drinks. Chinese or Indian tea, mixed with chamomile, sage and other herbs or locally grown apples set another example of the eclectic culinary.

Welcome everybody who would like to try something different from what you experienced in Tallinn before.

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Bewertung: 5.0

Went on the recommendation of friends, and were very satisfied! Presentation, taste, service- super. (06.10.2012)

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