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Sonda Vald / Vorstellung

Sonda is the westernmost parish of Ida-Viru county, area 14808,3 hectares. Length by longitude is 18 kms and by latitude 12 kms. The area is surrounded by Aseri and Viru-Nigula parish in the north, Lüganuse parish and the town of Kiviõli in the east, Maidla parish in the south-east and finally, Lääne-Viru county (Rägavere and Vinni parish) in the west and south. Kiviõli with 10 kms, Rakvere with 30 kms and Jõhvi with 40kms are the closest towns.
The heart of the parish lies in settlement of Sonda, where the municipality government, school, kindergarden, library, folklore building and ambulatorium are also located. The second biggest settlement in the parish is Erra. According to 1.09.2002 data the population of the parish is 1209, in Sonda 662 inhabitants, followed by Erra 246, Erra-Liiva 91, Varinurme 71, Koljala 41, Nüri 38, Vainu 22, Uljaste 15, Satsu 14 and Ilmatse 6.

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