Tallinn Viimsi Spa Beauty and Health

Viimsi, Harjumaa



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Viimsi, Harjumaa

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Tallinn Viimsi Spa Beauty and Health / Vorstellung

The beauty and health centre gives a good opportunity to slow down the pace and dedicate yourself to health and relaxation. Time, quietness and well-being are valued here. Time spent on relaxation and recovery is the best gift for oneself.

Our high-quality health centre offers versatile help for easing different health problems as well as for enjoyable relaxation. The health centre is remarkable for its very wide selection of therapies, offering both old and well-known procedures starting from mud, water and electric therapy as well as new rehabilitation possibilities, such as kinesio taping, chiropractic and deep tissue massage. The health centre employs acknowledged rehabilitation specialists, who in cooperation with Estonian Health Insurance Fund offer high-quality rehabilitation service for adults, children and babies. We offer rehabilitation services for patients with injuries of supporting structures and organs of movement, shoulder-neck strain syndrome, radicular pain, post-fracture pain, wear of joints or inflammatory joint pain, we also help to recover the moving function of a person in post-operative period. Patients with asthma and chronic lung diseases are offered ionised salt treatment in a salt chamber. Children’s physiotherapist helps to improve the muscular strength and develop the movement of children with birth injuries or physical development disorders.

In a contemporary and luxurious beauty centre we offer beauty services for all tastes, our product selection offers treatments for body, face, hands and feet. The services are intended for both women and men, adults and adolescents. We us the following, highly valued cosmetic series: Guinot, Algoane, Cassiere, Gehwol andOrly. In the versatile service list of the beauty centre there is a solution for every wish. In addition to caressing relaxation treatments, we also offer efficient treatments with cosmetic machinery that give fast results both for rejuvenating the face skin and shaping the body. In order to assure individual approach, we suggest to book a time for consultation, during which the cosmetician helps to compile a beauty programme suitable just for you. In case of a treatment series, you can make use of different packets, which offer a significant price reduction.

Tallinn Viimsi Spa Beauty and Health / Gallery

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