Tartu University Bookshop

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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Tartu University Bookshop / Vorstellung

Tartu University Bookshop is the leading academic bookshop in Estonia. It was opened at 11 Ülikooli in May 1996.

We have specialised in selling scientific, academic and reference literature, but our stock also includes professional literature from both Estonian and foreign publishers. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of works of fiction, art albums, tourism maps and travel guides, stationery, souvenirs with the symbols of Tartu University and a selection of periodicals.

From time to time we organise book presentations and autograph hours, exhibition sales of professional books by foreign publishers, and antique book auctions. Our general objective comprises valuation of bibliography and literature.

Tartu University Bookshop / Gallery

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