Tavern Suur Töll



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Tavern Suur Töll / Vorstellung

The Tavern Suur Töll is nice and respected. Everything here reminds Töll – two large tavern halls, two enormous fireplaces in the middle of the rooms, and large helpings on the plates. The dishes 'a la Töll are especially delicious.

There is a playing room full of balls for children, where it’s great to have birthday parties, or just romp when the stomach is full.

Töll enjoys welcoming big groups and organising parties:

* birthday parties for big and small
* wedding feasts
* company festivities
* business meals
* trainings, presentations
* and any other entertainment

Catering service is also offered.
And whoever wants can grill in the yard on his/her own.

Tavern Suur Töll / Gallery

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