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Villa Andropoff / Vorstellung

The Resort and Conference Centre Villa Andropoff in Estonia nearby the historical baltic seaside resort Pärnu offers many-faceted possibilities for the whole family. Starting from the 1970´ies the area was until the Estonian independence strictly reserved for the top Soviet leadership and their guests. The stately main building has since been thoroughly renovated and was opened as a holiday resort and conference centre for the midsummer 1998.

Villa Andropoff is easy to reach - just 130 km or 2 hrs by car from Tallinn, the Estonian capital with frequent and fast ferry services from Helsinki. The area with exceptional natural charms lies between pine forests and the glittering Pärnu Bay and has 500 m of fine white sandy beach. A separate sauna building, play-grounds and training facilities are contained on the grounds.

In addition to the restaurant-, meeting- and hotel facilities in the main building, the high-quality holiday bungalows are situated close by the beach. Guests have a choice of a suite for 4 or 6 or a spacy double room. The suites contain two and three double bedrooms respectively, a living room, kitchenette, sauna, bathroom and wc. The lawn begins by your own patio.

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